What is a Child Life Specialist?
A Child Life Specialist is a paediatric health care professional who is qualified and
specifically trained to help children and their families manage stressful healthcare
experiences and understand medical and various procedures. Child Life Specialists
are experts in child development, who promote effective coping through play,
preparation, education, and self-expression activities.
Useful Links:        www.childlife.org        www.nahps.org.uk
 Child Life Specialists focus on the psychosocial needs of children, collaborating with parents and other
 member of the team to:
  • Ease a child’s fear and anxiety with therapeutic and recreational play activities.
  • Encourage understanding and cooperation by providing non-medical preparation and support for children
    undergoing tests, surgeries, and other medical procedures.
  • Advocate for family-centered care.
  • Engage and energize children and families by co-ordinating special events, entertainment, and activities.
  • Consider the needs of siblings or other children who may also affected by a child’s illness or trauma.
  • Orientation tours to patient and family.
  • Support families confronting grief and bereavement issues.
  • Provide education and resources for parents and members of the interdisciplinary team.