Professional staff are employed by KACCH to
provide psychosocial support for children and
their families in hospital. Play opportunities are
provided in attractively decorated paediatric
wards and other areas of the hospital
where children are treated. Through
specialised play techniques, children
in hospital are helped to understand their
medical conditions and treatment procedures,
encouraged to express their feelings, cope with
painful procedures and continue their normal
development. Research has shown that when
children are given this kind of support in
hospital, their stress levels are reduced, they
respond better to treatments and they have
fewer complications.
The professional staff who give psychosocial support to children and their families in hospital are called CHILD LIFE
SPECIALISTS. They complete a one-year post-graduate course in Child Life at Kuwait University and are then employed
by KACCH to work on the paediatric wards with children and their families in Kuwait’s hospitals. The Child Life
Specialists are assisted by Play Leaders who organise a comprehensive range of play activities in the hospital
playrooms, and volunteers who spend three hours one or two mornings a week helping the Play Leaders with play